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Keeping you (and your data) Safe

From day one, we built Halo because we wanted to help connect communities and make neighbourhoods safer. We’ve done this by building an APP which allows you to share private information with your neighbours, collaborate on local issues and receive important alerts. When using the app, you create your most personal local moments with us and we’ll always keep those moments safe.

We realise that every community is built on trust. The trust that your privacy, data and identify will always be protected. Unlike other networks we will never use your data in any manner you would disapprove of. As such, we have created a clear and concise data policy so you can share private information in the confidence that we will always have your best interests at heart.

More on how we use your data

Is my data being sold?

Absolutely not! We made Halo because we were fed up of our data being auctioned to the highest bidder by social networks. Your data will never be sold.

Are there ads in my halo?

No, no one wants ads getting in the way of chatting with neighbours. Your friends don’t advertise to you when you’re messaging, neither will we. See below for how we will make money.

Can anyone join my street?

Our invitations are designed so that only a person on your street can join your group. Invites are sent to each letterbox on your road so only someone living there can chat with you. At Halo safety comes first.

Come on, how do you make money then?

Halo will NEVER sell your data and WILL NOT have ads. Our app is FREE to use. However, like most of us we have bills to pay. To achieve our mission, we’ll be building our own crowd products or partnering with the companies you respect. For each partner we bring on we’ll take a small margin which we’ll use to keep the lights on.

The types of companies we want to partner with:

Food waste revolution

Giving back to neighbours by sharing when we have more than we need

Green energy

Utilities companies that help lower carbon emissions and bring a better way to deliver services to our homes

Supporting local

Local makers and people creating for where we live, creating vibrant communities