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What to do when you receive an invite

The basics of how our invites work and what to do with them

Is this person real?

Yes! When signing up for a halo members have the option to invite all the streets nearby. They can download and write their own message, OR ask us to create and send invites for them.

Many people choose to write their own heartfelt messages, but we appreciate that 5 hours of handing out flyers isn’t for everyone so we offer a FREE service to make and send out flyers on your behalf using our template shown here.

Can a neighbour invite their own street?

We have the same service for streets to their own halo. Visit www.localhalo.com/invite/ to see how it works and request a halo for your street.

We take safety very seriously so if you request for us to deliver invites you, the requester, also need to use the same invite. We send invites through letter boxes which also stops anyone outside of your street joining the group.

Please note

Groups made by streets and invited by neighbours are monitored for suspcious activity. Requesters must prove that they live on the street to gain access to their group.

Here’s an example invite from Halo
Halo invite sample

The link on our flyers will always be localhalo.com. Never visit links that do not start with our address.