What to do when you receive an invite
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Download invites for your street

Use our template to invite your neighbours and let people know about the local group


Download your flyer

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Next steps

1. Time

It takes 60-minutes to invite 100 homes. You should be able to print out and invite your street without needing to organise more help. We recommend a podcast to listen to whilst you walk 🎵. People who want to join will do so on the same day!

2. Safety

You must decide if you are well enough to invite streets nearby. ALWAYS follow the latest medical advice before interacting with members of the public. See the NHW guidelines around Coronavirus. For best practice

3. Smile

You’re trying to build a local community, if you meet someone be friendly. As people sign up make sure to introduce yourself and that everyone feels included ❤️

Please note our medical information disclaimer. Our website contains general information, not advice and should not be treated as such.