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Common questions

Things to know before you start

What can you do on Halo?

Halo's mission is to connect communities. We have a street chat, so you can talk to your neighbours both anonymously and publicly. We want all of us to know about what's going on in our local communities, our alerts are snippets of information that will connect you with your area.

What do I need to use Halo?

To use Halo you need an iPhone device, or an Android device.

How do I join?

We send invites to your area, or a trust co-ordinator can send them locally. This means every requested halo only has people within it which live nearby giving you a private and safe space to chat.

What is your data policy?

We want to build a new social network, where you can trust us. As such we have made a clear and concise data policy that you can read here.

If you don't sell our data, how do you make money?

Halo will never have adds. Our app is free to use. However, like most of us we have bills to pay. To achieve our mission, we'll be building our own crowd products or partnering with the companies you respect. For each partner we bring on we'll take a small margin which we'll use to keep the lights on. You can read this in full here.