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Coronavirus 🦠neighbourhood support groups

Everything you need to feel connected in the community where you live

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All the amazing people nearby, discussing what you care about ❤️


We’ve built national and local communities for support

Ways to support each other as a community

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Groups for what matters to you locally

Talk about the topics that shape where you live, from the councils’ new road plans to the safety of your area to supporting and helping those nearby

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Ask me anything

Local experts jump in to share tips and advice you can use every day

Safety, gardening, DIY, parenting, food and more!

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Not just a street, Everyone within walking distance

Doing things together locally feels great but one road is an island, put a few of them together and you get a local community

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Direct Messages

Discover people you connect with by finding profiles like yours

The people you get on best with won’t all live on your road, meet the easiest way to discover who lives around the corner

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Reporting issues to the council becomes as easy as a tap

Use our reporting tools to quickly tell the council when thing aren’t working where youl live. You can also quote your council in our chats to send a report on any topic you chat about

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