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Your Choices

Profile sharing and visibility. You have choices about sharing your profile information:

  • You decide how much of your personal information, such as your name and profile, to share in your personal profile, and how much of your profile to share with different members of LocalHalo (such as members in your neighbourhood, members of nearby neighbourhoods, or your broader local area), by using your account settings.
  • If you want to share information about your family in your profile, such as photos, please ensure you have their permission.

Content sharing and visibility. You have choices about whether, how, and with whom you share Content:

  • You can share Content with other LocalHalo members, in the form of a private message from you to other members, or a post shared with your neighbourhood, or nearby neighbourhoods, or with an Interest or Group. You can use "anonymous" button to share content anonymously
  • Replies in a conversation are visible to the same LocalHalo neighbourhoods as the original post that started the conversational thread.
    • This means that a reply to a broadcast post from a news organisation or a governmental agency, such as a police or fire department, may be visible across its service area, potentially covering multiple neighbourhoods or an entire city. If the agency or news organisation account makes their broadcast feeds available to non-members, your reply may be accessible to non-members as well, attributed to first name, last initial, and the name of your neighbourhood, without other identifying information. If you do not want your reply to be accessible to non-members, you can delete it.
    • When replying to a post, your profile picture, name and neighbourhood can be seen by anyone who can see the original post.
  • You can edit your posted Content or delete it from LocalHalo as long as your account is active, with the limited exceptions noted below.
    • Private messages from you to a specific member or members cannot be individually deleted, whether from your side or from the inbox of the recipient(s). (If you delete your account, private messages may remain visible to the recipient(s) but attributed without your identity (e.g., “A Member”), along with all of your other posted Content
    • If you’ve moved neighbourhoods, you cannot delete any Content you shared in your old neighbourhood, but we can delete it for you; contact us for assistance.
    • Please note that deleting a post will result in removal of all replies to that post too.
  • If you believe that an item of public Content visible to non-members (for example, a snippet displayed on a publicly visible neighbourhood page or in search engine results) is yours or might be used to identify you and you wish to have it removed, contact us.

Content sharing for Special Accounts:

  • We make posts by government agency accounts, and your replies to those posts, public. They may also be subject to laws mandating public access to government records
  • Posts created by businesses or local organisations, and your replies to those posts, may be publicly visible.

Location information. If you granted LocalHalo access to geolocation information from your mobile device, you can turn off that access at any time by changing the settings on your mobile device. To request deletion of your geolocation information, contact us.

Member communications. You have choices about the emails and notifications we send you:

  • You can manage your email and notifications preferences on your  settings page. By default, and since it is in your legitimate interests of safety and security, you are signed up for agency broadcast emails applicable to your area; you can change this in your settings. Certain member-related administrative emails cannot be turned off; the only way to end those is to delete or deactivate your LocalHalo account.

Non-member communications. You have choices about invitations and reminders:

  • If you aren’t a member and don’t want to receive invitations or reminders, please contact us to opt-out of future email invitations or reminders or to ask us to amend or delete any personal information about you.
  • If you ask us to notify you when we start offering service to your neighbourhood, we keep your request until your neighbourhood is established, and then use it to notify you as requested and to help verify you as a resident. If you change your mind about wanting to be notified, contact us.

Moving, Deactivation, and Deletion. You may choose to move your account to a new neighbourhood, or to deactivate or delete your account:

  • If you move from one neighbourhood to another, and indicate through your account settings that you have moved, some of your personal profile (such as name, photo, interests, responses to your invitations, phone and email contact) will migrate to the new neighbourhood. Once you’ve verified your new address, you will no longer be a member of your old neighbourhood and cannot edit or delete Content you posted there unless you contact us. Content items in the old neighbourhood will link to a limited user profile that includes your name and photo. We may notify the neighbourhood Leads of your move and let you do so as well.
  • You can deactivate your account through your account settings, with immediate effect; to request reactivation, you simply log back in to LocalHalo and indicate that you wish to reactivate.
    • Account deactivation ends all email notifications; you will no longer appear in your neighbourhood directory or map. In certain cases, we notify the neighbourhood Leads that you’ve left the neighbourhood, and/or give you an opportunity to do so. For example, this informs Leads of the chance to invite the new neighbour.
    • Content you shared before deactivating will remain in your neighbourhood, attributed to a limited member profile with your name and photo, except for any individual Content items you deleted before you deactivated your account. If you wish to have this Content removed you must contact us.
  • To request deletion of your account, please contact us at; account deletion may take up to one month. Account deletion cannot be undone.
    • Account deletion ends all email notifications; you will no longer appear in your neighbourhood directory or map. In certain cases, we notify the neighbourhood Leads that you’ve left the neighbourhood, and/or give you an opportunity to do so.
    • Account deletion deletes all of your previously posted Content and all data relevant to you except that: (a) private messages may remain visible to the recipient(s) but attributed without your identity (e.g., “A Member”); and (b) we may retain account records to the extent we believe necessary for legal, safety, or other legitimate reasons.
    • Because deletion removes your account information from our systems, you may in the future receive new invitations to join LocalHalo. If you wish to opt-out, contact us.