About us
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👋 Hi there, we’re James and Andriy, the founders of Halo.

For many years we’ve watched the major social networks grow without ever considering the people within them. Like most of us, we’ve become tired of being inventory to drive better ‘ads’ for businesses and we know we all deserve a better network. We want socialising to be personal and local again - like it used to be. We’re on a mission to reconnect local communities - our neighbours, the police, even the council, all in one app focused on relationships, not soapbox posts.

Great people are just around the corner, ditch your news feed and join us in building great communities where we live.

Shared values

What we believe in and want to share with the communities we build:


We believe the sum of us can achieve more than us individually


We’re all in it together - the good times and the bad times


We look after each other. No one should feel unsafe in our communities


We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. Everyone should feel empowered to ask for help and to help others


Saying Hi costs nothing. Being kind and generous are values that we strive for


Always ready to send the first message, ask the first question and ask for help


Together, we can make a difference

Meet the team



I was frustrated by how disconnected we are from where we live. With Halo we can bring together people that can create a way to reconnect, and making us feel local again!



In my neighbourhood there lacked trust between neighbours, and we didn't chat. I’m building out our neighbour focused community platform


Community & Content

At uni, I loved being involved in friendly, inclusive communities. I'm helping create positive spaces, where everyone feels empowered and we build halo together


Operations & Partnerships

For the last few years, I've worked with many of different organisations with the one goal to connect us all. Halo needs to bring you back in touch with the local authorities you depend on