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Be part of your local community

A smart messenger for chatting with neighbours powered by alerts

Halo mobile app
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Private local chat

Neighbours can chat privately and in confidence. You can even message anonymously!

Fix issues

Report problems to your council individually or as a whole street

Aware and alert

Know about important updates first. Urgent safety and epic celebration, even launch your own alerts

Safety First Always

Your safety and your data are what we fight for. We’re a new kind of network, never to take advantage

Building the best communities in the world

Our real stories for how to live in wonderful communities where you live

Connecting Communities

Everything you need to know about how communities work

5 min read

Feeling safe where you live

Being aware in your area, the true about crime and how you can be safer

5 min read

Looking after your neighbours

Being a community is about giving back, helping our and asking for a local hand when you need it

10 min read

Where are halos today?

1500 streets in Islington

500 streets in Walthamstow

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Planned 2019